Sunday, 12 June 2011

Fire, washing, pudding then bed.

Stoke the fire and add more wood - check!
Washed washing AND hung it out - (always struggle with the second bit) check!
Pudding - Oh my goodness... CHECK!

This took me back a good 8 years to High School! We always used to try our luck in sweet talking the teacher (who I'm sure has a mental crazy disorder) to cook the ever so simple chocolate self saucing pudding! The boys who always "forgot" their ingredients got away with it until we were banned from making it cause one day 2/11 groups "forgot" their ingredients (we were at quite a low decile school).

One maori boy: "Oh ae miss. Ihaka (pron. ee-ha-ka) forgot our ingredients can we make the self saucing pudd miss?" --- Teacher: "No.. You.. Oh go one then." --- (then later would go off her nut for them making it without asking hmmm)

-~*Chocolate self saucing pudding*~-

Now this is about 4-5 servings

60g butter
1 1/2c self-raising flour
1c sugar (caster sugar is best)
1/4c cocoa
1/2c milk
2t vanilla essence
1c brown sugar
1/2c cocoa (extra)
2c boiling water

Place the butter into a microwave safe bowl on high for one minute.
(Make sure the bowl is big enough for everything!)
Sift in flour, cocoa (first measurement), sugar, milk and vanilla.
Mix until smooth and no dry ingredients remain, it will be fairly thick.
Now sift on second measurement of cocoa and the brown sugar.
Pour in boiled water and cook on high for 12 minutes.
I cooked mine for 15. Watch that it doesn't boil over mine didn't but I do remember it doing so. .  maybe depends on your microwave settings.

Serve with vanilla ice cream or whipped cream but just as brilliant on it's own! This is perfect if you're tight on money and crave something yummy and warm after dinner :)


Now. .  Bed :)
Goodnight my lovelies!

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