Monday, 16 May 2011

I've finally come to terms with it all!

That just like unicorns, flying pigs and other things like hell freezing over.. well, they just will never happen will they? (image yoinked from this blog) So in my universe there's no unicorns or pigs and no sign of ice.. (jokes!) But I have come to the conclusion that me getting a break may never happen... well not in the next 18 years or so!

If I had every second day to 'breath' without fail then maybe on my days off maybe for a few I'd sleep and meet up with a friend or go and see my Nanna but I'd also have those other things done like cleaning easily cause I love cleaning!! But when I know I'm only getting a few hours I'd rather see a friend and not spend my time when I'm not working my main job (Bubby, the most important and best job in the world I might add) working my other job, cleaning and such.. I wouldn't mind if I had a 'weekend' between these jobs..
I think as the woman who had to carry and push the lil bugger out it's my right to stay at home, so I will! But oh how I'd love to go and work teaching. I miss the little kiddywinks and what my weeks involved and how nicely they all came together. If only I could have both :)

Anyways I know even though I'm not doing that great a job. I went through a lot having to do it all on my own in the very early days as my partner left for work. I didn't have a choice. No one really does at that stage. One day you wake up and that thought of giving birth and having a baby to care for is now a reality and actually happened. Figured most of it out on my own. Family and midwife/internet help input of course! It's motherly instinct. I lasted close to 3 months before I tried admitting myself to the mental asylum.

If only they'd hurry up and accept me!


  1. I really do feel for you here! Thomas wanted to stay home as well. His reasoning was that I have the potential to earn more than him. I think he believes that staying home is some kind of holiday. I guess because you are both at home at the moment you're never getting a break, and I can imagine that you would feel unappreciated and lonely because you're still doing the majority of the work. If you ever need a break feel free to come to my house and just mill about here. I hope things look up soon and that your nipple heals up. The Weleda nipple cream is amazing!

  2. No.. never a break. I want to work but if i work.. and never get a break I'm afraid I'll burn out! Weleda is just an all round top brand huh?!