Sunday, 8 May 2011

Indecipherable babbling and banter

So I just took a shower for as long as I could.

Far too wrinkly and lightheaded was the result. I strived for this by making the shower far too hot (red skin to prove it) so that at least when I hoped out of the shower I'd feel the slightest bit better!! When you're on holiday in Honolulu do you go back to your house several times a day to just help out the house sitter? Didn't think so.

Dads have a different view of parenting at the start. I think it's important for dads to be hands on even if it's just for one full day - or two to really see the depth of it.

This would be so they get where your coming from, why you're so cranky, why you make the parenting decisions you make, why you're upset, why you don't want to (or even if you do) have sex with the lack of energy and everything else! Before my partner became fully involved with helping he'd critique and undermine what I was doing which I'm glad has changed a lot. It makes everything easier and he actually helps. I get a lot of stuff done while he sings his crazy funny made up songs to him.

I catch myself smiling as I listen to their silly and indecipherable babbling and banter thrown back to and fro. . Funny how your sentences change to few but exaggerated words once a baby is apart of your world.


But alas, all in all a lot is adding to the pile of stress.

Hey babe.. your baby's crying again.
Dang it.


  1. Ahhh I think most of us can relate!!!!xoxo

  2. Dad's are funny how they turn ga ga in a heartbeat. Bless them!

  3. Love him so much for it. Best dad ever! *gloat*