Sunday, 11 September 2011

(paid) working woman, once again!

Although motherhood is a job with many rewards and one would say it's "pays" for itself over and above. This is true. Over worked and underpaid is sum it all up kinda motto.

I find myself in discussions often about how I'm finding motherhood and I it is surely hard work! I knew it was going to be but it's hard to explain to a non-mum! It's a different kind of hard.. a different kind of tired! It's harder than I thought and more demanding but I guess when you haven't really gown up around babies and experienced them hands on you're not really sure what to expect!! Very much like my midwife warned "I can't really prepare you for birth and what it's going to be like for you, you really just have to go through it to know!" I really think she was right!

Tomorrow though I'm (excitedly and nervously) going back to work for the first time. It's only part time, but I think it really is a thing to celebrate after not working for 8ish months! I'll be all ready before I go to bed early tonight. This will be the first time going to work with a bay, not only do I have to be prepared but i have to have the wee button prepared! I know a lot of the time you never know what's going to happen timewise when you have a baby, they always seem to set you back... most of the time an hour or so! Lunch is already made (just leftover dinner: pasta and orzo with pumpkin and silverbeet in a carbonara sauce yuummmm!) and bags are packed so all I need to do is the normal routine in the morning then I'm out the door!


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