Wednesday, 21 December 2011

20 Questions With... ME!

So I'm hoping to get back into full swing with my blog.. I have missed it. Life has just seemed to consume me and swallow me up - in a good way!

I will have a big clean up I'm hoping and focus on Twitter as much as I find myself wasting time on facebook and posting again at least twice a week.


In the meantime please check this blog out! Not only is it always interesting Dr Bron has just put up a post kindly with my answers to her 20 questions 'The Modern Family' - 20 Questions With Melissa Campbell!! Very much like the questions I am asked at school, more so when reliving in a new class. Although their questions seem to be a bit more errr random at times! Two of my favourites were

"Miss Campbell.. who's your favourite friend and do you like a special colour?"
"Miss Campbell.. do you have a boyfriend and does he buy you flowers?"

Colours and relationship status always seem to be an interest point.

The most thoughtful and smart question was from a 7 year old girl who asked why it was that I wanted to become a teacher. I had to stop myself from blabbing on. Too many reasons!


I'd also like to take this chance to say a huge thank you to those who were regular readers and commented where they felt inspired to! Hopefully you'll be back to join me in 2012!

Have a merry christmas everyone! I hope everybody has a happy and safe holidays whether they are bundled up by a fire and playing in the snow.. or having a barbeque down by the beach enjoying the sunshine! Rest up and stay out of trouble! :D

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