Monday, 5 September 2011

Reviving the blog, a journey in itself!

Please bare with me as I begin the journey of bringing my blog back to life. I have now noticed some blog posts are missing and 90% of all the photo's have dissapeared!

The photo things was my own fault as I deleted an album on dear Google+ and didn't fully realise (kinda did) that it was linked to everything! SO thinking I was just deleting the 'flower' per se but I really pulled the whole fricking plant out of the ground!

Things should be back to normal in a while... Trust me to do something as 'blonde' as this! It's just a huge job... It put me off blogging for a long time as it looked so hideous. I had to scour my computer for the background image and blog header before posting again!

Thanks for your patience :P

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